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The lure of quick bucks and the great life have ensnared many gullible and unsuspecting victims across the world making them raw material for conmen.

- Aruna Ravikumar

The victim


Aruna Ravikumar

Aruna Ravikumar is a senior print and electronic media journalist from Hyderabad. Her enduring fascination for words propelled her to explore different frontiers of creativity, as a script writer, corporate and documentary filmmaker, translator and television anchor. Politics and art, news and views, celebrities and ordinary folk, common and uncommon situations are all an intrinsic part of her journey, filled with adrenaline moments.

As a journalist with a social conscience, she finds her work to be a reward in itself. Marauders of Hope heralds her entry as an author. This explosive and extensively researched book on Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) frauds removes the veil of deception around get-rich quick schemes to force governments to act and help embittered and hapless victims across the world.

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