“Never say Never’ tops the list of important learning for most people confined to their living spaces, huffing and puffing and going nowhere like gym rats on a tread mill. As the world is gripped by a pandemic that experts are clueless about, and a small unseen virus wreaks havoc through guerilla warfare finding host bodies with the speed of lightning, the only place one can visit without risk is one’s own home. “Existential crisis” has never been more real as each country puts all its resources, human and material to stop the onslaught and stay alive. Stock markets may have crashed, industry hopes dashed and many people unsure of their next meal, but the human spirit endures. As the list of lives wiped out from the planet grows one is acutely aware that this is indeed a crisis of monumental proportions. There is however a different breed of people out there, the eternal marketers and the glib talkers to whom the entire crisis is an opportunity with endless possibilities, a “magical moment” where they can access their targets with “earn from home” opportunities like no other.

 A virus as deadly as Corona, has been spreading beyond borders in our connected world for decades now sadly without the same level of awareness about its debilitating effects despite claiming millions of victims. Online articles with “profiles of success” celebrating the success of Multilevel marketing firms and individuals are flooding social media and predators are on the prowl telling you that the silver lining to the Corona cloud is indeed Multilevel marketing that will get you huge amounts of money. All you have to do is use your smart phone and tap into your network they exhort as they trap you into promoting fraudulent pyramid and Ponzi schemes that benefit only the promoters and a small percentage of the top of the pyramid individuals. Their immense profits of course come from the huge losses that come out of running schemes that are a mathematical impossibility. Several marketing videos have surfaced ever since the outbreak of the pandemic that shamelessly tell you that the time when several innocent people are losing their lives with no prevention in sight is “most appropriate” for that great money making opportunity that will get you dream homes, exotic vacations and fancy cars. If you survive to enjoy all these of course.

 People are dropping dead like birds in scorching heat as the mysterious virus finds hosts with alarming speed but MLM marketers have no remorse whatsoever telling people that the “place and time is now” for that life changing opportunity. A video with an MLM trainer known for his intensive sessions has the gentlemen say “Never has there been a better time to tell people how they can just pick up their phones and call those in their network using their time at home to their advantage. Get going and make good use of the time you have to become an Independent Business Operator (IBO). “Be your own boss and make money just using your network”. Clearly they don’t care about what is happening in the real world. Marketing models based on commissions on recruitment are illegal and fraudulent. They result in huge profits for promoters from joining amounts where products are just a cover.

How does one fight this virus in the present circumstances?  Suspect all schemes that call themselves “direct selling” “referral marketing’ chain schemes and MLMs. Don’t fall for the commission on recruitment model where people trick you into believing that your network determines your net worth. High interest and “get rich quick” models are not viable and are intended to entice you into the trap. The “social distancing’ and isolation phase is for making the world safe from the deadly virus. Do not let ruthless marketers trap you into what they consider a golden phase irrespective of life threatening circumstances. Stay home and protect yourself from both COVID 19 and the virus of fraudulent financial schemes.

Marauders of Hope (A book on Multi-level marketing frauds)

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