“This is crazy really. I have been thinking of you since yesterday. I am sure you had hiccups all day. In fact, I was telling my friend about your book while I was trying to console her. Can you believe this? My friend’s parents who are in their late seventies have been conned of 85 lakh rupees in a Ponzi scheme during this pandemic” my friend’s voice rose in excitement, her agitation quite evident when I called her yesterday after a long gap and at the exact moment of crisis.

“How did they invest such a huge amount when the whole world is so Covid absorbed and did they even consult their children?” I queried knowing in my mind that those under the spell of network marketers would never consult anyone and part with their money in a trance-like state.

“No, they didn’t.  They used their savings and pawned some of aunty’s ornaments because of the huge profits that some conmen promised them. They are in a bad state. Do you think there is a chance of their getting their money back?” she asked hesitantly. My friend knew the answer already as she had read my book.

‘’ Sadly no. I confirmed her worst fears. They have lost not just their money but their peace of mind and will be plagued by feelings of guilt and betrayal of trust. They will be completely broken in the evening of their life and never be the same again” I answered a tad sadly. If only they had read my book.

My book “Marauders of Hope” was written for several victims like these, cutting across age and class barriers. From “earn while you learn students” to pensioners who are tempted with promises of high returns multi-level marketing firms operating fraudulent schemes draw different cross-sections of society with their cult-like techniques and unscrupulous methods.  I have outlined some of the biggest scams that rocked the country, the web of deceit of fraudulent MLM firms, international lobbies, political patronage and most importantly the gullible consumer.

“Marauders of Hope” works on the belief that creating awareness of the anatomy of these frauds is the only way to stay protected. I am talking about the book again as the incident narrated by my friend moved me. If this couple had read my book perhaps they would have been saved from this colossal loss. Please read the book and increase your awareness to stay safe from market predators. When you are aware you can never be a victim.

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